My app does not work. Why?

Sometimes things can go wrong. There can be many different reasons why your app is not working.

Please, remove the app from your iPhone/Android, restart your device and download it fresh from the App Store/Google play. We recommend that you connect to a strong and stable WiFi connection instead of doing it over 3G and 4G

If this does not solve your problem click on the "Report a problem" button which you can find below this article and give us more details. Please, include the following:

Your phone version.
OS version.
Vinota app version.
Screenshot of the error message.
A description of the problem.
We will happily do our best to resolve the issue for you!

Alternatively you can email us on

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    sridhar raj

    Not working my number pls check-in

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    I am not able to receive vinota PIN through SMS

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    Hi,,, vinota Apps not working on my Huawei P9 Lite & my number is +965 50805622...
    Please try to fix the problem Or Advise me...

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    Not working my number pls check-in

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    phone version.- iPhone 7 Plus
    OS version.- IOS 10.3.3
    Vinota app version.3.8.6
    Screenshot of the error message.- Error 1268
    A description of the problem. as mentioned in your website, i had uninstalled the app and restarted the phone and downloaded the app again but still showing the same error.

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    Mohammed Savith

    phone version - iphone 6s
    OS version- 10.3.3
    Vinota app version 3.8.6
    Screenshot of the error message - 1628
    A description of the problem - cannot make call

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    Pazhani Vel942

    not receive vinota PIN through SMS

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    Muthu Kumar find the problem.till to now not working this app.

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